About Us

Every year more and more families choose to draw upon the support of Benito & Azzaro when they experience the loss of a loved one.

They make the decision for a variety of reasons but in most cases it comes down to one of the following.

Our focus on Beautiful Farewells – At Benito & Azzaro, we believe in celebrating life by creating a farewell ceremony that highlights the very essence of the person. A Beautiful Farewell is about friends and family coming together to remember their love, celebrate their life and honor their legacy.

Plenty of time to make your decisions - We believe in providing clear information about all of your options and giving you as much time as you like to make your decision. No pressure....just information, options and support for you and your family.

Beautiful & creative farewells - We believe in being very flexible when working with families. Looking to have a farewell in a unique setting? No problem. Would you like to bring the family pet? No problem. Our goal is to say yes to all of your farewell wishes.

24 hour access - Support for your family should not end when our work day is over. That is why you will have 24 hour access to your Farewell Planner. If there is a problem, and you do not know who to turn to, call us anytime day or night. We are here to help.

Worry free cremations - You should never have a reason to question whether we return the correct ashes to your family. That is why we have our own secure crematory and staff it with certified technicians. When it comes to cremation, 100% accuracy is the only acceptable standard. Click here to learn more.

Respect for your spiritual path - At Benito & Azzaro we believe that your spiritual path is your personal choice. Our focus is on helping you design a farewell ceremony that reflects and honors the path you have walked. Unconditional support for your spiritual path...because everyone deserves a Beautiful Farewell.

Our focus on telling the stories of a lifetime - We believe that everyone has a story worth telling. That is why we focus on helping your family plan and conduct a beautiful farewell ceremony that reflects your values, unites your family & friends and celebrates the story of a life well lived.