Green Burial

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Pacific Gardens Chapel is one of a select number of funeral homes approved by the Green Burial Council to offer eco-friendly death care. The Green Burial Council has established the certification that has emerged as the eco-standard for the funeral industry. Pacific Gardens Chapel is also a charter member of the Natural End Funeral Service Provider Network, which identifies funeral service providers who pledge to offer more natural end-of-life options, and to help support a transition to more sustainable alternatives.

What is Green Burial? It is an environmentally low impact choice for the disposition of your loved one, focusing on the most natural, yet dignified means possible. The use of formaldehyde-based embalming chemicals is prohibited; however, there are eco-friendly choices to temporarily preserve a family member or friend for a viewing. These non-toxic “ecobalming” fluids are based on a complex mix of essential plant-based oils. Furthermore, the burial would take place in an eco-casket. We offer several options, including Bamboo, Banana Leaf, and Pine caskets. Your Funeral Director will also help coordinate with the cemetery. Most cemeteries require a concrete vault for burial; yet, Santa Cruz County has a cemetery that would qualify as Hybrid Burial Grounds, which is a conventional cemetery offering the option of burial without a vault, and allowing for the use of eco-friendly burial containers. There are true Green Cemeteries or Conservation Burial Grounds in Marin County that may be an option for your family.

Pacific Gardens Chapel also has service options for those families who would opt for a home funeral. These services can include Pacific Gardens Chapel to file all of the legal documentation required, but the family to arrange for the disposition of their loved one themselves. The services would then range up to us performing “ecobalming”, delivering the casket containing your loved one to the family’s home for a service, as well as, transporting the casket to the cemetery for burial. Keep in mind narrow doorways and tight angles when considering bringing a casket into your home. We can help a family procure dry ice, if the non-toxic
embalming is not desired. Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel is dedicated to making the celebration of a life the most comfortable and personal service for each and every family.

We are also proud to offer a line of handmade 100% recycled memorial stationary, including memorial cards, guest books, memorial service programs, and thank-you notes. You can choose to have wildflower seeds embedded in your memorial cards and thank-you notes so that the paper can be planted and blossom into a miniature garden. When you order memorial stationary products a tree will be planted in remembrance of your loved one. This tree will live on for generations, providing hope, and improving the environment.

If you would like more information on Green Burials or Home Funerals please contact us at any time, or you can view our Green Burial & Home Funeral Packages.