Joseph Cooper Jr.

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Joseph Fenimore Cooper Jr.

April 30, 1937

June 6, 2017

Life-long Santa Cruz Resident

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. Joseph worked 37 years for the County of Santa Cruz Public Works Department. One of the last Coopers of the Cooper House has died of organ failure in the arms of his wife of 40 years in their home; with the love of Hospice of Santa Cruz- our hovering angels.

Joseph was preceded in death by loving son, Thomas James Cooper; daughter, Grace "Peanut" Cooper; and twin boys, Gerald and Harry Cooper that were stillborn. Joseph leaves his beloved wife, Karen of Santa Cruz; daughter, Vivian Toler of Ohio; grandchildren, Crystal Kama of Virginia, Grace Karen Abbott and Johnny Cooper Abbott and their beloved mother Valerie Abbott of California; his wonderful aunt Lois Voss of Rio Del Mar and brother-in-law Gerald Logan of Morgan Hill.

Joseph was a well-known Mineralogist, proud to have a mineral named after him- Fen Cooperite; very hard to accomplish. He was respected by Mineralogists and Geologists the world over; receiving much attention from the Smithsonian Institute. His rock pick-now sings in a better place. Well known for his many articles in the Mineral Record with his best friend Gail Dunning; he was also published in several other Rock Hound books all over the world. Joseph did his own collecting all over, you name it- he knew the mines, or sometimes just simply getting down in the dirt. He identified many unknown "Rocks" to anyone who asked. Many were recorded by him and his life-long friends or "cohorts".

Joseph was the last relative of James Fenimore Cooper- Great Author of The Last of the Mohicans and many more books. His children and grandchildren- now are the last.

Joseph wanted no funeral or service of any kind. A scattering at the sea is what he really wanted. Or a scattering of his ashes up at White Mountains by his friends. But after all these years- they're all getting up there in years. So, the sea is what it will be.

In Joseph's name, we ask for donations to Hospice of Santa Cruz, real relatives to a very sad wife. Also, Lyme Disease Association (he was originally diagnosed at Stanford Hospital in May). When you live like a cultural Mountain Man, tick bites are abundant over 80 years of a wonderful life in the great outdoors, but it takes only one tick.