Benito & Azzaro – Funerals, Cremations & Beautiful Farewell

Benito & Azzaro helps the families of Santa Cruz and the surrounding area who want to celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and memorable way.

Our focus is on helping your family plan and conduct a unique farewell ceremony that reflects your values, unites your family & friends and preserves the story of a life well lived.

Interested in having a Beautiful Farewell?

You will learn...

  • The 7 Elements of a Beautiful Farewell
  • How to Plan a Beautiful Farewell
  • What to do after your Beautiful Farewell
  • Plus you will read about special touches other families included in their Beautiful Farewells

Considering Cremation?

At Benito & Azzaro, we believe that you should never have a reason to question whether we return the correct ashes to your family. That is why we have our own secure crematory and staff it with certified technicians. When it comes to cremation, 100% accuracy is the only acceptable standard. Click here to learn how we solve the 4 top cremation concerns